"Mr. Prieto has arrived with “Pusher.” It’s his first English-language movie; it won’t be his last. I hear Mr. Gosling calling now." The New York Times

"Luis Prieto's ultra-stylish remake looks the way the cult fave might if Refn were making the film today... If Refn made "Pusher," then Prieto sets out to make "Pushest." Variety

★★★★ "a gripping, adrenaline fuelled ride, by far one of the most exciting UK crime thrillers in recent years". The Peoples Movies

★★★★ "The most original British gangster flick in years". Daily Star

★★★★ "An exciting, visceral and utterly compelling film". Hey U Guys

★★★★ "An appreciation of Luis Prieto’s Pusher or what you need to know before seeing the remake of the cult classic Pusher". The Establishing Shot

★★★★ "Pusher proves to be an exhilarating, thrill ride that holds the viewer in a vice-like grip from start to finish". Cinehouse UK

★★★★ "a well made, suspenseful and perversely entertaining movie" Silver Screen Slags

"One of the best British films of the year. In fact, one of the best films of the year. Brilliant". Box Office Buz

"An actors’ showcase". THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

★★★★ "Pusher Soundtrack by Orbital. The strongest electro-score since Daft Punk went to Tron world". Empire UK 

"Luis Prieto captures slice of drug scene in ‘Pusher’ remake". Los Angeles Times